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July 4, 2017


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M. A. Neville Artist Ltd.

Privacy Policy


Cookies may be used on this web site for the purposes of monitoring traffic to the web site. No personal information will be collected or stored by M. A. Neville Artist Ltd in relation to those visiting the web site. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you should exit this web site now.


The web site design and all images are copyrighted to M. A. Neville Artist Ltd and may not be copied or downloaded. Violation of copyright will be subject to legal action.

Web site sabotage.

Any person transmitting worms, viruses, trojans or any other disruptive downloads whether intended or not, to this web site, electronic equipment or services owned by or provided to M. A. Neville Artist Ltd will be subject of legal action.


Any person who pursues, harasses, intimidates or misrepresents Directors of M. A. Neville Artist Ltd. their family, friends, business associates, agents, or customers, how-so-ever caused, may be the subject of legal action.

Product Range

M. A. Neville Artist Ltd endeavours to provide a range of products that are available and affordable to all. Items offered for sale may be subject to availability and delivery charges.

Purchases and Payments.

Customers may make purchases of products displayed on the web site by submitting their enquiry on the contact page. Customers are asked to bear in mind that images of products shown on this web site may differ slightly from the actual product as viewing items on electronic equipment provides variations in colour depending on screen resolutions of computerised equipment.

Customers will be required to pay in full including delivery costs prior to the goods being dispatched.  M. A. Neville Artist Ltd will raise an invoice for the total cost of the purchase including delivery costs and email the invoice to the customer for payment.  Payments may be made by debit or credit card via a secure payment system provided to M. A. Neville Artist Ltd by Stripe.  M. A. Neville Artist Ltd will not process, collect, or store your debit/cretit card information.

Prices are displayed in Sterling.  Purchases made using other currencies will incur an additional levy, to cover the exchange to BPS.

Invoices will carry terms and conditions.

Please do not send cash to purchase goods.

All invoices are prepared individually to account for differing sizes and weights of products, M. A. Neville Artist Ltd reserves the right to provide for secure transportation and delivery of items displayed on this web site.

Cancellation of Orders

Customers ordering goods may cancel their order up to fourteen days after delivery.  Cancelled orders must be notified by email to [email protected] or by post to International House 61 Mosley Street Manchester M2 3HZ quoting the order number on all correspondence.  Goods that have been delivered must be returned within 14 days. Goods must be returned securely and undamaged.  Goods must be returned to the correct address, the address for returns will be provided after you have notified your intention to return.  Return shipping will not be arranged by M. A. Neville Artist Ltd.

Please note that shipping costs can be costly.


Refunds will be provided to customers who believe their purchase was incorrect or unwanted as stated under the cancellation of orders. Items for refund should be returned to M. A. Neville Artist Ltd.  at the returns depot as stated on the invoice.  Goods returned for refund should be packaged securely and returned via a secure delivery agent. Goods returned that are damaged due to incorrect return packaging will not qualify for refund. A refund will be issued no later that 14 days after the safe receipt of returned goods.  Refunds will be issued to the debit/credit card originally presented for payment.  refunds will be made by Stripe on behalf of M. A. Neville Artist Ltd.

Statutory rights are not affected.


Please advise if you wish to provide special delivery instructions, ie leave with a neighbour.

Special Conditions for Purchases.

Large items, high value items and heavy items may be subject to different delivery policies. Please refer to your payment invoice for terms and conditions.

Purchases for dispatch to countries out side the United Kingdom will be subject to additional postage/courier charges.  All delivery charges will be provided prior to invoicing customers.


M. A. Neville Artist Ltd. will endeavour to resolve any dispute to the entire satisfaction of the customer. Correspondence concerning any dispute should be sent to M. A. Neville Artist Ltd. International House 61 Mosley Street Manchester M2 3HZ

Environmental Policy

M. A. Neville Artist Ltd. will contribute to the world-wide effort to reduce global warming by using renewable electricity on their premises.

The country-side code will be recognised at all times showing due respect for all wild life and its habitat.


M. A. Neville Artist Ltd. recognises and embraces diversity in its truest form and will not discriminate against any member of society for their beliefs or personal life choices.


Any correspondence should be sent to M. A. Neville Artist Ltd. International House 61 Mosely Street Manchester M2 3HZ

Expressed Rights

M. A. Neville Artist Ltd. reserves the right to update/amend the Privacy Policy at any time.