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A small bird of prey that preys on small birds!

Photograph size 16" x 12"

Price £45.00     Unframed

Best Buddy​

Protea bud at its very best.   The perfect present for your best friend.  (You are allowed to buy this for yourself as well)

Photograph size 12" x 16"   

£45.00        Unframed.

Blue Crane

Blue Crane national emblem of South Africa.

Photograph size 10" x 8"

£19.00            Unframed


Otters can often be seen in rivers and if you are very lucky on the river banks too.  Take an interest in these animals and they will take an interest in you too.

Photograph size 10" x 12"

£29.00     Unframed.


Robins are always found in gardens singing their hearts out.

Photograph size 10" x 8"

£19.00        Unframed.

Grey Squirrel

Grey squirrels are often cheeky enough to stare right at you.

Photograph size 10" x 8"

£19.00           Unframed


Toads love to camouflage themselves, especially in the Autumn to blend in with the fallen leaves.

Photograph size 14" x 11"

£39.00         Unframed

Green Woodpecker

Green Woodpeckers are often heard drilling their beaks against the trees, rarely do they sit on the lawn and pose for a photograph.

Photograph size 10" x 8"

£19.00           Unframed

Sunrise in Heaven

Close up of a jet engine flying high above the clouds with the reflection of the pink early morning sunrise.

Photograph size 14" x 11"

£39.00       Unframed.


Deer's are very shy and beautiful as they conceal themselves amid bushes and thick, long, grassland.

Photograph size 30" x 20"

£65.00          Unframed

Cape Weaver

This cute little bird is one of the Weaver family of birds, known for weaving hanging nests from the branches of trees.

Photograph size 10" x 12"

£29.00          Unframed

Winter Sunshine Tunnel

The 3D effect of this photograph will take you to the heart of the forest on a cold winters day with the sunshine to show the way.

Photograph size 30" x 20"

£65.00        Unframed


This beautifully coloured game bird is often seen in the country-side and on farm land.

Photograph size   14" x 11"

£39.00        Unframed.

Two Bee Thistle

This delightful photograph is a fine example of colour choice!    Dull or Bright?

Photograph size 10" x 8"

£19.00        Unframed

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